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Persist 0 additions, not only a brand, but also a research and development process.

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Perseverance in the beauty industry

A report on "Preservatives and Breast Cancer" opened the long road for developers.

Decades of research and development experiments have changed the dependence of skin care products on harmful chemical ingredients such as preservatives.

Plants and the power of proprietary technology

Experiment repeatedly, choosing the ideal and streamlined formula for each product. Extract effective natural ingredients from plants and use the power of patented technology to break through the preservative-free technology of active ingredients.

Emerald Lotus products are not only free of preservatives, but also free of surfactants,  emulsifiers and other harmful chemical ingredients.

Every product conveys the concept of skin care added 0.

It is always believed that no harmful chemical ingredients can be added to maximize the skin care effect of the product itself.


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